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Ben Brusey paints local personality and gets paid for it..!
Ben Alton College opened its new arts centre recently and unveiled a portrait of the original principal of the college - Michael Grey - painted by Mr B Brusey. Mr David Lammy (who?) MP for Culture and the Arts (oh yes) was also on hand to cut the ribbon. More Pictures.

GREASE featuring not 1, not 2, but 3 of the Brusey clan!
Ben Yes, its true, by popular demand and for 3 nights only the three most talented Brusey's climbed into their 50's gear and sung and danced their way through this extravaganza - cheered on by their crazed fans every night (well they sounded pretty crazy). More crazy Pictures.

'Holiday of a lifetime' - our latest seaside hol!
Ben Watergate Bay for more surfing and craziness in the August rain (Yii-haa!). Despite noisy campsites, tents blowing away and dead car batteries a good time was had by all - same time again next year, eh, gang..?! (...uh,hello.. is anyone there..?) More Pictures.

'Holiday of a lifetime (again)' - Its New York this time!
BenYep, its Big Apple time - More Pictures.

'Yes, Camels and Pyramids now!'
                           Its harder than it looks!  -  More Pictures.